Bigland Trout Fishery

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11th July.  Water temperatures have come down but the fishery still holds some colour. Fishing is hard and best to focus on mornings and evenings.  Adopting a very mobile approach and targeting any moving fish should produce better results that standing still. Terrestrials are pulling fish up during the day but evening buzzer and sedge hatches have not been notable.

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Ghyll Head

ghyll_head11th July. Fish are dropping much deeper during the day but are responding well to static nymphs fished deep. Some good movement early and late up in the shallow areas and around the weedbeds and cooler conditions will help to keep things going for a while yet.

High Newton

high_newton11th July. The recent cooler weather and rain has helped to stir things up a bit although the fish are clearly well versed in the ways of anglers. It helps to deceive these more educated fish if you've got the advantage of a disturbed surface. Straggly terrestrial patterns or beetles will pull the fish up. Evening fishing has been very hit or miss. Watch out for spectacular falls of flying ants - anytime from mid July but always on hot, humid afternoons.

High Fairbanks Tarn

high fairbanks 27th June. The main hatches are now finished at High Fairbanks so close observation is going to be the order of the day. Terrestrials should still pull fish up under the right conditions and evening hatches should offer sport with sedge and buzzer - albeit briefly at times. These are well educated fish by now.


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