Bigland Trout Fishery

192 x 120 192x106 13th April. Great fishing following the early season stockings. Increasing buzzer hatches are starting to see fish on the surface and as other hatches develop over the next few weeks sport should continue in top gear. Fish are still holding in small shoals and have yet to really move into the shallower areas so it does pay to keep on the move until you find them.

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Ghyll Head

ghyll_head13th April. Early stockings have already boosted catches and sport has been fast and furious at times. The new stock are still shoaled up so keep moving until you find them. Some bigger overwintered fish have been caught. Buzzer pupa should be the safest bet for a while yet with cdc patterns when fish are showing

High Newton

high_newton13th April. Anglers continued to record good bags with the new stock. High Newton is always a couple of weeks behind so don't expect too much in the way of hatches unless warmer, calmer conditions prevail. As always the early season fish are moving in shoals so it tends to be feast or famine. By mid April trout should be well dispersed and active on the surface.

High Fairbanks Tarn

high fairbanks 13th April. A few members have been up there pre stocking and report some decent fish. Not in great numbers but fabulous well conditioned bars of silver. Clearly well worth a shot.


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