Bigland Trout Fishery

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23rd May. The water is stuffed with trout but an absence of fly seems to be keeping them largely off the surface. Spooned fish are full of shrimp. Warmer conditions should see more terestrials on the wing which should help.

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Ghyll Head

ghyll_head23rd May. Great fishing at Ghyll Head this week and should keep going for a few weeks yet. Avoid afternoons on sunny days when the water can 'switch off' . Expect brackenclock beginning of June - or perhaps earlier if it's a very warm spell. Some good big fish coming out lately mainly to damsels.

High Newton

high_newton23rd May. Expect top sport at High Newton over the next few weeks with terrestrials high on the menu. Some cracking fish around. Evenings have been a bit unpredictable but should improve as conditions warm up a bit.

High Fairbanks Tarn

high fairbanks 23rd May. Olives should be about during cloudier periods, terrestrials at other times. Well worth a visit now.


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