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10th March.  New stock are in all the trout waters and, coupled with some milder weather, sport has taken off. Coarse fisheries are fast waking up with reports of some big carp from Ratherheath. Rivers and lakes open for brown trout on 15th March.  Moving into spring with plenty to look forward to.

Bigland Trout Fishery

192 x 120 192x106 10th March. Plenty of action as the fishery gets a big introduction of new stock. Easy fishing at first but they soon wise up. Milder days should see the beginnings of the early season buzzer hatches and fish on the surface.

Ghyll Head

ghyll_head10th March. March stockings have already boosted catches and sport has been fast and furious at times. The new stock are still shoaled up so keep moving until you find them. Calmer days will see rising fish and a better chance to catch some of the overwintered stock.

High Newton

high_newton10th March. Cool winds at times this last week but anglers continued to record good bags with the new stock. High Newton is always a couple of weeks behind so don't expect too much in the way of hatches unless warm, calm conditions prevail. As always the early season fish are moving in shoals so it tends to be feast or famine.

Ratherheath Tarn

ratherheath10th March. Really picked up this week with carp showing near the surface on sunny days. Anglers are recording two or three good fish per visit along with the smaller fish stocked a few weeks ago. Well worth a fish and should get better and better over the next few weeks.


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